Workplace Accommodations R&D Digest - News Archive

Issue Contents
May / June 2011
  • CAPS: Context Aware Prompting System for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities
  • Data Analysis Continues for Our Survey of Accommodation Use
  • Disability and Employment Updates: Report: The Failure of the Disability Service System to Provide Quality Work, Worker ReEmployment Website, JAN's Accommodation Process Forms, Microsoft Accessibility Tools & Training, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Regulations
  • Featured Accommodation: EyeNote App
April 2011
  • National Engineering Design Challenge: U.D. Award
  • Data Analysis Continues for our Survey of Accommodation Use
  • State of the Science Conference
  • Disability and Employment Updates: Disability Employment Statistics for March 2011, Regulations Published for ADAAA, FCC Proposes Rules on the Accessibility of Advanced Communications, Workforce Recruitment Program, Fact Sheets on the Interactive Process.
December 2010 / January 2011
  • State of the Science Conference
  • Cost-Benefits of Providing Workplace Accommodations
  • Disability and Employment Updates: USBLN Toolkits Helps Businesses Engage Students with Disabilities, NFB Suit Over Inaccessible Kiosks at Airports, GAO Forum on Increasing the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities in the Federal Workforce, Visions of Cloud-Enhanced Accessibility Challenge
  • Featured Accommodation: DARIOS (Digital Accelerator Ring Optimized for Speed)
October/November 2010
  • October Is Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • Tagtalker: Communication for the Workplace
  • Database of Accommodation Case Studies Relaunched
  • Disability And Employment Updates: Return-to-Work Toolkit, Updates to ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Comments Sought on Potential Revisions to the ADA Regulations, 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, National Resource Directory for Military and Veteran Communities
  • Featured Accommodation: Ginger Spelling / Grammar Checker
July-September 2010
  • Job Accommodations and Workplace Participation
  • Subjects Sought for Survey on Accommodation Costs and Benefits
  • National Engineering Design Challenge (NEDC) Starts
  • Disability and Employment Updates: Updates to the ADA Title II and III Regulations, DOL Seeks Input on Implementation of Section 503 of the Rehab. Act, Ten Employment Myths Video
  • Featured Accommodations: iPhone-Based Aids for Vision and Hearing
May/June 2010
  • Social Media, Policy Networks and Accessible Workplace Technologies
  • Share Your Accommodation Stories
  • Connect to CATEA Online
  • New Disability And Employment Resources: ADA: Know Your Rights -- Returning Service Members With Disabilities; Disabilities At Work Radio Show; Disability Nondiscrimination Law Advisor; Understanding Brain Injury: Guide For Employers
  • Featured Accommodations - Online Reminder Systems
March/April 2010
  • Subjects Sought for Survey on Use of Workplace Accommodations
  • National Engineering Design Challenge: U.D. Award
  • Analysis of Responses to the ICDR’s Call for Recommendations on Disability Research Topic
  • Case Study Resources: People with Disabilities in the Workplace, Work RERC Case Examples
  • Disability and Employment Updates: Walgreens Launches Training Program, Broadband Use in America, FCC Action on Access to Wireless Phones, Updates to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
January/February 2010
  • Studying User Input in Assistive Technology Design
  • Policy Delphi Identifies and Explores Options for Improving Workplace Accommodations
  • National Engineering Design Challenge Winners Announced
  • Survey of Accommodations Use to Launch in Early March
  • Professional Education Opportunities
  • Disability and Employment Updates: Unemployment Statistics, Disability Employment Listening Sessions, Veterans Employment Initiative Website, Think Beyond the Label Campaign
April 2008
  • Work Accommodations for STEM Educators
  • "Building Comfortable Environments for All" Conference
  • National Engineering Design Challenge Winners Announced
  • Policy Updates: The Community Choice Act of 2007, UPS Deaf Drivers Case, Class Action Suit brought by Disabled Veterans, Wireless Devices and People with Disabilities
January 2008
  • Delphi Study on Policy to Support Workplace Accommodations
  • Workplace Accommodation Wizard Assessment Tool
  • Work RERC Web Cast Series
  • Policy Updates: ADA Restoration Act, New Legislation Effecting Veterans, Presidential Candidate Views on Disabilities, ODEP and CVS to Develop Best Practice Models
September 2007
  • Supine Workstation Project: Data Analysis Begins
  • Work RERC to Partner with NISH for JWOD/JETS National Engineering Design Challenge for High School Students
  • Workplace RERC Web Cast Series
  • Policy Update
June 2007
  • Limited Manual Dexterity Anthropometry Study
  • Workplace Assessments: A How To Guide - Two-part web course in July
  • Join the CATEA Consumer Network (CCN)
December 2006
  • Universal Design in the Workplace - Manufacturing
  • Back By Popular Demand – Telework Web Course
  • Join the CATEA Consumer Network (CCN)
September 2006
  • Personas as a Tool For Universal Design
  • Continuing Education: Web Courses on Telework
  • Useful Publications and Other Resources
June 2006
  • Accessibility Study of Secondary Office Spaces
  • User Needs Analysis Reveals Workpace Accommodation Recommendations
March 2006
  • Opportunities for Involvement
  • Recent Presentations
  • Resources and Events
  • AT in the Workplace
December 2005
  • Supine Computer Workstation Tested
  • Case Examples of Workplace Accommodations
October/November 2005
  • Job Satisfaction & Productivity and Accessibility of Support Spaces in Office Buildings
  • Study on Educators with a Disability
  • Disability Employment Awareness Month Announcements
July/September 2005
  • User Needs Survey - Preliminary Findings
  • Prosthetic Wrist Unit Study
  • Workplace Accommodations: State of the Science Conference
April/June 2005
  • Training on Workplace Accommodations - Survey Results
  • OPM Regulations Regarding Federal Job Applicants
  • NCD Report on Emergency Planning
  • AT in the Workplace (Mobility Mate, CursorXP, Stickies)
January/February 2005
  • Development of an Accessible Retail Checkstand
  • NIH Centers on Demography of Aging
  • EEOC and Northwest Airlines Settle Discrimination Suit
  • NCD Report: Progress of Disability Policy
  • AT in the Workplace (Dragon NaturallySpeaking V8.0, ScanTELL)
November/December 2004
  • AudioMORPH Screen Reading Tool
  • AT Act of 2004 Approved
  • UPS Faces Lawsuit for Intentional Disability Discrimination
  • AT in the Workplace (myReader, Cell Phone-Based Screen Readers)
October 2004
  • Accessible CNC Machinery Project
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month Announcements
August 2004
  • Supine Workstation
June 2004
  • Events & Announcements
December 2003
  • Trends in Workplace Accommodations
November 2003
  • Events & Announcements
Nov.2002 - Oct.2003
  • Events & Announcements