State of the Science Conference

The State of the Science Conferences sponsored by the various RERCs develop an agenda for future directions in research, service delivery, and product development based on user needs. They are generally held once each funding cycle.

The Potential of Emerging Technologies to Increase the Participation of Employees with Disabilities in the Workplace

The Work RERC held its State of the Science Conference in April in Washington, DC. Approximately 65 technology developers, researchers, and rehabilitation experts came together to share knowledge about the current state and future directions of workplace accommodations.

The theme of our conference was the potential of emerging technologies to increase the participation of employees with disabilities in the workplace. The conference focused on emerging workplace technologies -- including technologies that are in development, new to the market and have not typically been applied as workplace accommodations. Conference participants discussed the presented technologies to identify potential applications of these technologies to assist employees with disabilities and produce recommendations for R&D that would be necessary to utilize these technologies as effective workplace accommodations in the future. Our intention is to use this discussion to develop an agenda for future directions in research, service delivery, and product development.

Conference Information:

The conference is over, but we invite you to continue discussion of these topics on the Work RERC's new Facebook page. In addition, we have established the Twitter hashtag #WKRERCSOS for tweets about the State of the Science Conference. For further information contact Paul M.A. Baker [Twitter @paulmbaker].

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