Participation Opportunities

The Work RERC is conducting a number of studies in the form or surveys, focus groups, and user testing that are related to our R&D projects. Please consider contributing to one or more of the following projects.

Current and Upcoming Studies

Studying Workplace Needs for Individuals Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
In a user needs study, recently completed by the Work RERC, we learned that sharing ideas in different group settings is a potential workplace barrier for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. We need more information to help address this issue. We would like you to take a 15 minute survey that asks about how you share ideas and information with your co-workers in different group settings. You are eligible to take this survey if you are deaf or hard of hearing. For more information, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Haynes at

  • Successful Aging in the Workplace
    Do you work in an office? Want to share your experiences with using a computer? We are currently distributing an online survey to learn about the difficulties individuals may encounter while using a personal computer at work and about the ways they handle these difficulties in order to complete their job tasks. We are specifically interested in older individuals with disabilities or individuals who have experienced any loss in functioning. The online survey should take 15-30 minutes to complete. Contact Daniela Joppfor more information about this study.
  • Survey on Accommodations Costs & Benefits
    In the Fall, the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University will be conducting the next phase of their study to look at the long-term costs, benefits, and utility of workplace accommodations; and to understand what organizational policies, practices, and cultures lead to successful use of accommodations. Both employees and employers are asked to share their experiences via an online survey. Contact Meera Adyafor more information about this study.

  • Ongoing

    CATEA Consumer Network (CCN)
    Provide feedback and participate in studies, such as the Work RERC's research on workplace accommodations. If you are interested in being part of the CCN, please take a moment to tell us about yourself in the sign-up survey. Membership is free, and some studies may provide payments for participation. Click Here to Join the CCN!